Artist activist and organizer based in Washington DC working through the visual language of Graffiti,
Streetart, and Design.
Operating under the tradition
 of Hip Hop, the art is also             influenced by pop culture,
   social justice and political              philosophy.
"Graffiti and street art have the innate ability to reclaim space overcrowded by eyesores of capitalism and advertising,
be a powerful tool that can elevate the creative language of resistance and
social movements, and serve as one
of the remaining avenues of expression and culture in local communities
that are facing rapid gentrification."
Monolith co-created and curated the Bern   The System DC art show, Co-founded
  the 411 Collective, Co-organized and         facilitated the DC2StandingRock group        mural tour, the Deport Trump postcard         mural at DisruptJ20, the DC Rises year        of resistance Art Show, and helped              develop the DCPL 1968 Poor People's          Campaign poster workshop and                 mural project. Recent streetart
           illustrating gentrification in the city 
            is featured in the landmark 
             documentary film What